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September 2, 2021

Jennifer Lopez Owned With A Cum Facial

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Jennifer Lopez ass

Jennifer Lopez appears to get her face cummed on while sucking dick on her knees in the sex tape video clip below.

No doubt this is Ben Affleck’s piddling watery load dribbling onto Jennifer’s slutty Puerto Rican mug, for after 19 years (and probably 10,000 dicks) Ben and Jen have rekindled their romance and he is clearly desperate to re-mark his territory.

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck ass

Unfortunately for Ben a hoe like J-Lo can not be owned simply by squirting a little sperm on her face…

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In fact, the only way to properly dominate a Spictress slut like Jennifer is to slam her sphincter so hard that she starts sputtering in backwards Spanish… A feat that only us virile Muslim men can master.

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