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November 13, 2020

Billie Piper Nude Outtakes Released

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Billie Piper nude

“Penny Dreadful” and “Doctor Who” star Billie Piper poses topless in the nude in the newly released outtake photos above.

Billie Piper sexy

Believe it or not, despite being a hugely successful star in the degenerate heathen hellhole of England for over two decades now, this is the very first time that Billie has shown her nude tits in front of the camera. Of course this is probably because British men never demanded it of her since deep down they are all foppish homofags who enjoy nothing more than “shagging” each other in their gapping “arse” holes.

Billie Piper sexy

Yes, it certainly does not speak to Billie’s character that this is her one and only nude display, but rather to the effeminate and emasculated nature of English men. In fact, the whole reason she became a star in the UK in the first place is no doubt because the natives mistook Billie for one of their beloved smooth school boys.

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