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September 3, 2020

Amanda Seyfried Nude Scenes From “Chloe” Enhanced In 4K

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Amanda Seyfried nude

The video below features Amanda Seyfried’s nude and sex scenes from the film “Chloe” enhanced and color-corrected in ultra high definition.

This film is best known for Amanda Seyfried finger banging Academy Award winning actress Julianne Moore’s geriatric ginger cock cave in a graphic lesboqueer sex scene…

Amanda Seyfried nude

Speaking of which, it is simply outrageous that Amanda Seyfried did not win an Oscar of her own for this role… For few actresses have gone so far in a movie to capture the true essence of the vile whore they are portraying… Not to mention that it took years for Amanda to get the stink of rancid imitation crab meat and apple cider vinegar from Julianne’s pussy juices off of her fingers.

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