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March 9, 2021

Emily Mortimer Full Frontal Nude Scene From “Young Adam” Uncropped

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Emily Mortimer nude

The video clip below features the open matte uncropped version of Emily Mortimer’s full frontal nude scene in the film “Young Adam”.

As you can see, Emily Mortimer certainly has a lush full pubic burka covering her sinful lady bits…

Emily Mortimer nude

And since Emily had shown her dank dark pubic hair once before in the screen shots above from the film “Lovely & Amazing” (all of Emily’s nude scenes can be seen here), it is safe to assume that she always keeps a halal hair bushel between her legs.

Emily Mortimer nude

Yes, despite being a horribly annoying actress and a brazen whore, Emily Mortimer does hold some erotic value for us virile Muslims thanks to her musty muff… For there is not a red-blooded man in civilized Islamic world who would not enjoy interweaving his beard with her plentiful pubes.

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