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December 16, 2020

Vanessa Hudgens Lesbian Sex B-Day Celebration

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Vanessa Hudgens lesbian

Vanessa Hudgens’ 32nd birthday yesterday was a coming out party for her, as she brazenly signaled that she is now a sinful submissive lesbian slut all over social media.

Of course we’ve been following Vanessa on this holy Islamic website for quite some time now, and so we have witnessed her descent from Disney to this lesbodyke depravity firsthand…

Vanessa Hudgens nude

And so it certainly comes as no surprise to us pious Muslims that Vanessa is spreading her legs for the ladies… For not only was Vanessa’s first boyfriend Zac Efron as feminine as any woman, but her baby box is no doubt so banged out at this point that trying to receive pleasurable stimulation through friction is an exercise in futility.

Yes, Vanessa and her coochie clam have little choice but to get her lady pearl tongue polished by female athletes, truck drivers, and dog walkers.

Vanessa Hudgens sexy bikini

So let us pray that she contracts an incurable case of stank puss from a scissoring session with a Samantha, and we never have to be confronted with her blasphemously bare bikini body again.

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