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March 15, 2021

Top 7 Celebrity Blowjob Sex Scenes

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As we all know every actress (and actor for that matter) in heathen Hollywood has sucked tons of dick to get to where they are, but it is rare that they do so onscreen… That is why we have compiled the top 7 celebrity blowjob sex scenes into the list below to showcase what is happening behind-the-scenes at every casting call.

#7 Helene Zimmer – “Q”

#6 Miss Eris – “Corn”


#5 Federica Tommasi – “Fallo”


#4 Raquel Martinez – “Diet of Sex”


#3 Maria Riot – “Landlocked”


#2 Chloe Sevigny – “The Brown Bunny”


#1 Valerie Rae Clark & Anneka di Lorenzo – “Caligula”


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