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March 20, 2021

Top 10 Real Penetration Celebrity Sex Scenes

At this point there is certainly no denying that every actress in heathen Hollywood is a brazen Jezebel who constantly gets their cock caves jizzed in by Jews… However, very few do so onscreen, as they do not have enough respect for the craft of acting to make their sex scenes believable… And so we have compiled the top 10 rare real penetration celebrity sex scenes into the list below.

#10 Julia Laube – “The Great Ephemeral Skin”

#9 Bonnie Dee Wilson – “Caligula”


#8 Margo Stilley – “9 Songs”


#7 Stacy Martin – “Nymphomaniac”


#6 Raquel Martinez – “Diet of Sex”


#5 Taylor Sands – “Picture of Beauty”


#4 Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Nymphomaniac”


#3 Irene Azuela – “Las Oscuras Primaveras”


#2 Halle Berry – “The Monster’s Ball”


#1 Shanti Carson – “Shortbus”


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August 26, 2020

Irene Azuela Nude Sex Scene From “The Obscure Spring”

The video above features Mexican actress Irene Azuela’s graphic nude sex scene from the film “The Obscure Spring”.

When it comes to sex scenes (like most actresses) Irene prefers to “perform her own stunts”, as she really does ride the tiny manhood of her homofag co-star in this scene… Of course in shithole countries like Mexico they lack the technology and know-how to digitally remove the shaft and testicles from the final cut, so we are subjected to this wetback’s little bean balls bouncing off of Irene’s ass.

Irene Azuela nude

In the end, Irene proves herself to be a committed and somewhat talented actress in this sex scene. If she puts as much effort into her domestic duties as she does riding this guy’s mini burrito, then perhaps us powerful Muslims will permit her to scrub the many gold-plated toilets in our desert oasis palaces.

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