Thoughts on cross-posting

All too commonly, users submit photos to this subreddit whom are also found posting on /r/B_Cups. Users posting in both subreddits is a fundamental violation of good faith and trust of the members of this community. While we’re all human and our bodies are subject to change over time, this subreddit is for the times in your life where you fit the rules of this forum. Hence:

1 – Going forward, users found posting in both subreddits simultaneously will receive an automatic, permanent ban from /r/aa_cups.

Second, with the rise of premium subscription services we’ve seen a subsequent rise in excessive subreddit cross-posting. It’s common to find a user posting in /r/aa_cups to also be posting in excess of 50 other subreddits simultaneously. These posts are low effort, low quality attempts to increase subscriptions. Sex work is work, but the rules of this subreddit must be enforced for the benefit of all members of this community. Hence:

2 – Going forward, users found excessively cross-posting and/or excessively reposting are subject to review resulting in a permanent ban from /r/aa_cups.

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